Why word of mouth is Queen.... - Amanda Foy

Why word of mouth is Queen….

Last blog I wrote about Corporate leaving the building, and guess what, the butterfly well and truly cut loose. My wings sprung out of that cocoon and the adrenalin rush hit.  What happened?  I’m so glad you asked.

When I decided to let go of the corporate, it was parts of it, I did keep a couple of things:
  • I did my budget
  • I wrote my intention list
  • I tweaked and updated my business plan (the ever evolving document it should be) 
  • I updated my product funnel
  • I tweaked my communications strategy
  • AND the most successful thing I did…

…drum roll please….. I attended a networking function where I got to meet real people and talk to them.

What happened I could never possibly have predicted.
Strap yourself in.
I met one woman, who said she would like to book in for a Remote Reiki based on what she’d heard from a couple of other people. (WOM1)  She told me what was going on in her life and I knew beyond knew that I could help her, so I said that – no selling just listened and acknowledged how she would be feeling then explaining the Reiki I do.  No price mentioned, just a promise that I knew I could help her feel better and get back on track with where she was going.
I didn’t do very much talking.

Please re-read that last sentence. Now, read it again. 
Go write it down somewhere.

From that discussion, I received another booking from another lady; the lady she drove back home with who I only had a fleeting meet and greet with in one of the little group format things we get to do at this get together (WOM2).

Yes, a WOM referral from someone who still didn’t have her report yet.  Chuh.. I know right?!

From there I received three – yes three more bookings from people who had never met me, who just booked and paid on the link on my website, who didn’t follow up with a phone call or email to say they’d paid and to check if I was a real human.  Then another two…and since then another four.

The key point here is they have never met me, just booked and paid, no other contact, nothing.

I am a walking example of all the stats that come from social media when it comes to word of mouth is Queen.  People will believe a friend 76% more times than an ad which has a 14% turn around. 
I concur social media industry, I concur!
The best part about being Amanda Foy today.  This faith and trust that these couple of people have in what I can provide with Reiki is the greatest measure of success I have ever achieved in my whole corporate life.  
To have one woman meet me and then tell her friends – because she cares about them – that I can help them. BOOM I’ve well and truly landed. Then to have these strangers who have received nothing but a couple of emails from me and a report about what was stuck in their chakras, recommend me to their friends.  Yes, that pyramid thingy that is growing in your minds eye – yeah, I know!!
When you are living on purpose, when you are open to receiving and when you do all the corporate business stuff in the background, look what happens. No really, look.
I’m so glad the penny dropped now.  I’m only 42.  How many lives am I going to be able to facilitate quality change with given how young I am and how great the Reiki and the Goddess Imperative is?
I’m going to switch from butterflies to oysters now if that’s ok with you. πŸ™‚ 


  1. YAY!!! See me doing a happy dance!! (Although that could be the rum lol).

    You go girl, you’re worth every referral, every breath that people use to tell their friends how good you are. Love it. Just love it. πŸ™‚

  2. Very inspiring Amanda. Isn’t it just so great when WOM starts occurring and you can get out of the way of yourself, get past the need to ‘sell’ and just help?! Awesome πŸ™‚

    • WoM is the best of everything Leonie πŸ™‚

  3. hahahaha I love it. You deserve it all Amanda…the oysters, the pearls and the champagne while butterflies dance around you. Damn, that WOM is cool. It is such an important realisation that it is not all corporate and no spirit OR all spirit and no corporate IT IS a little of this and a little of that, it all matters. x

    • It’s the faith and trust that another has in you that you can help. We all like to help and this has been the biggest world is our oyster thing about it πŸ˜‰

  4. I was having this very conversation with a business owner earlier in the week. Many people believe that Social Media is the answer to all of their prayers: hide behind a computer, tap, tap, tap and then pray for the $$ to reach their bank balance. Social Media Marketing has to be used in conjunction with other methods of marketing and, of course, relationship building and in time WOM. I didn’t know a single person coming to Brisbane over 2.5 years ago and I could not have built a reputation for myself as the go to person in all things tea, had I put all of my eggs in the Social Media basket. It was a combination of Social Media (Twitter, for me, primarily, but I do use other channels, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others), writing a blog, writing for 3 other blogs, YouTube videos and Networking offline too. There is nothing like the power of meeting a person face to face when you have already built that online relationship on Twitter or Facebook or other Social Media outlets. Once that relationship has been built, WOM will come in droves. Great post Amanda!

    • Thank you May King. Can’t wait to have Rockstar moments like you soon. xx

    • with caramelised onions Nikki πŸ˜‰

  5. Cas

    Fantastic stuff Amanda! So glad you’ve broken free from corporate! You know how I feel about that : -)

    • Yes Cas…yes I do. πŸ™‚ Life is dreamy!

  6. Wow Amanda, that’s just brilliant! You cannot beat the power of WOM and personal contact. My business is built on networking and connections. Some fleeting, others long lasting, but all the same, that’s what works best. Social Media is a god-send and works beautifully to allow us to sprinkle our personality and our wisdom into cyber space and the thing I love most is meeting online friends in person. I can go to a function and feel like I already know people so the face to face thing just gets a whole lot easier and more relaxed. I met May King just the other day, we already had stuff to talk about because of SM. One day I’ll meet you too! Love your work Amanda, I sure love mine! Jeanne x

    • Thank you for your GREAT message Jeanne! I have loved the experience of the fleeting and the long lasting too. I look forward to meeting you in ‘real’ soon!
      Amanda xx

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