Why today has been tough.... - Amanda Foy

Why today has been tough….

We are taught to stand in our authenticity.  

I advocate it. 

It’s important.

When you do that and another has all their own story attached to their reaction to something you’ve said, it’s the hardest thing you can do to remain in your authenticity, stand up for yourself as well as not take the other’s reaction personally, as well as looking at it to make sure you are in a place of growth and not willfulness or at the very foundation, ‘victim’.

That’s three times now.

Today was a hard day.


  1. Stand up and be the beautiful person you are… Speak your truth from the position of love. Hugs to you luvvy. Here if you need to talk.

    • Thanks Pauline. Sometimes confusion needs to reign until the answer shows up 😉

  2. I know how you feel. This has been my constant lesson with my family and I still choose to stand up, be authentic and be true to myself and my story. It has menat that I am no longer considered part of my family by certain memebers and after a long time, I am now ok with that. Speak your truth. What someone else does with it is their journey.
    Surrrounding you with love and light.

    • Thank you Caitlin. Growing pains can suck sometime.

  3. I think some days it is easier to do than others. It’s what gives our lives light and shade. We are with you Amanda!

    • Thanks Krishna. I usually have 98% light, so when the shade hits it hits hard. I’ve done the work in the last 24 hours though and have got to the bottom of a great deal of my way of handling it. Onwards and upwards! 🙂

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