Why SMEs need to read this... - Amanda Foy

Why SMEs need to read this…

Do you own a small or medium enterprise?  Do you charge an hourly rate or a set fee?

Ask yourself this:

Are they paying for your time or are they paying for the result?

Know the value of what you bring to any relationship. 

Own it. 

Embrace it.

All else will fall into place.

Is this the sign you were looking for to put your prices up in 2013 and shift your mindset to fair energy exchange? It is? Good.


  1. Cas

    Great nugget there Amanda! I stopped charging by the hour this year and it is really paying off. I encourage all of my mentorees to do the same.

    • That’s great news Cas 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Giggle that the SME got your attention. LOVE BLOG TITLES 🙂

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