Why personal branding should not be exhausting... - Amanda Foy

Why personal branding should not be exhausting…

Self assessment is very important.  It needs to be a daily part of your life, and I can highly recommend it.

I am only responsible for my own thoughts, feelings and actions.  No one can make me feel anyway, only I can, so therefore self-assessment is paramount in your life if you are trying to rid yourself of the oogies.

Today I want to talk about personal branding.

If personal branding for you is exhausting, soul destroying or irritating in any way…. you are doing it wrong.

Personal Branding Recipe

1. Authenticity
2. Teflon (thanks to @VincentWright for the prompt)

Kept fresh in your heart, it will be available at a moments notice and will never rot.  Mix frequently with every communication you have.  Stores easily, no glad wrap required or freezing.

When you are operating from a place of authenticity, then people that come into your life will be looking for what you’ve got to offer.  When they don’t want it anymore they will leave.

If someone takes you to task for something that is authentically you, then that’s when you get all zen on their arse, by firstly listening or reading what they have to say.  Don’t switch off or have your response ready before they’ve finished their sentence.  

Then, respond with the most heart felt and loving response possible. 

“I hear what you are saying, and understand where you are coming from….” then you can provide a short response that honours their opinion, but without missing a step in your walk of authenticity. 

Don’t forget too to sit with what the person has said, because there very well might be something to learn from their response.

End of the day, being authentic will not be exhausting, it will be exhilarating and give you so much energy and happiness.

Let me know if you’ve had someone shoot you down for something and I’ll help you to understand it if you’d like some insight to a fear or love response.

Have a great 1st of July!


  1. An excellent post on maintaining self in the face of adversity. You’re a gem, Amanda!

  2. Thank you Pauline! Glad you are enjoying the blogs.

  3. Nicely written, Amanda. (But, is there a 2. after “1. Authenticity”???)

    • Just added the 2. Teflon thanks Vincent. Lovely to meet you on twitter!

  4. Noice, Ms. Foy! It inspired me to throw my two cents about branding in social media in the mix. Thank YOU for the inspiration *grin*

    • Thanks Juli! I read yours and left a comment too. Glad you’ve finally got a sandbox to play in as well. 🙂

  5. Yes yes yes….woman after my own heart! Authentic marketing IS the way. Or should that be….is THE way. Either way, you said it sista. The key seems to be self confidence of the person doing the marketing. They ask who are they to be teaching or healing others? I say, do you believe in what you do? When they insist that yes, they do….. then it makes sense to show others. Hiding our gifts under a bushel serves no one. Be yourself, share your gifts, allow others to see it, and ignore the naysayers, or as you say, take criticism as a sign something can be tweaked or adjusted. Feedback is good! Do what you do passionately. It’s a great energiser, especially when it comes from the heart. Big blessings Amanda, you rock! Krishna xxx

  6. Perhaps the lesson should be that instead of aggressively finding careers, friends, hobbies. we should instead just be ourselves and let these things find us.

    Perhaps instead of choosing our career and forcing ourselves to fit into it like a straight jacket, we should first find ourselves and look for a career that fits us like a glove.

    How then do we allow people to turn towards the truth in themselves and still provide them with the resources they need to enjoy the fruits of others labour. What will be our currency?

    • Absolutely Rodney! I am reading the Tao of Pooh and Te of Piglet at the moment and that’s something I read last night. We get somewhere in our head that we have to live each day like there’s a prize we have to find. The prize is here. Living with goals and ideas is good, but forcing it just leads to toxins.

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