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Why Jock Anderson is a tool

Today, two days out from the ANZAC Day celebrations, I get into my car to hear a recording of some New Zealand man who has obviously overdosed on his impotence medication, because there is no plausible explanation for his tirade,  ripping through the memory of Australian soldiers.

You can read the article of there will be no apologies HERE.

I couldn’t even back my car out of the drive when I finished listening.  

Never in my life have I felt such seething rage at someone’s opinion.  I guess this is a really good way to learn where your loyalties lie at your founding roots.

That’s all it was an opinion; seriously though, for this pile of shit to have even been given airtime, I think Radio National NZ should be forced to pay retribution to Legacy Australia.

I seriously need to know if there is a group or some foundation who has been set up to banish this man from speaking publicly again.  

I seriously hope that any sponsors that radio station has, get on their donkey – you know like Simpson, who saved 176 men with his donkey while he was being a bludger and a thief, who died at the age of 21 and never got to be as fat and ugly and old as you Jock Anderson, and run the other way to distance themselves from such disrespect.

Here’s my blog that I wrote last year on ANZAC DAY: Click HERE

So, here is my personal note to Jock Anderson,New Zealand Embarrassment:

Dear Jock Anderson, 

Get stuffed you tool.

Love and best wishes for the strength you will need to walk in the trench you just dug for yourself sunshine.

Amanda Foy
Grand Daughter of two WWII veteran’s, both of whom could never speak about their time away “because it’s not something a young girl should know about love.”

Fuck you Jock Anderson… no seriously … fuck you.


  1. Anonymous

    Jock Anderson’s phone number is 0011 64 27537 2142. Perhaps we should let him know what we think of his article

    • Anonymous

      The blood of Aussies and Kiwis are mix in the sands of Galipoli . Get Fucked you pompous asshole Anderson

  2. Oh really?! Thank you Anonymous! Just watched a video where he stood by his comments, but believes they weren’t taken within the context with which they were spoken. Pfft…

  3. Amamda, understand how you are annoyed. Being a kiwi that lives in Australia, father fought in WW2, my grand fathers older brother died in WW1 fighting for the Australians so I have connections with both countries. Doing family research on WW1 I have found out much so I respect the situations these men were in even more. You cannot look at these events in simplistic terms.

    • I agree Coffee Girl. The thing listening to a tv interview with him from today, he’s got a Scottish accent in there as well, so I truly don’t think he is qualified or in his right to comment about Australian soldiers at all. He has sullied the ANZAC tradition with his off the cuff generalisations. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.

  4. Anonymous

    No self-respecting journalist would make weak comments like that without having some good evidence to support them. To be so ready to go shooting his mouth off he must be both naive and unprofessional. Sounds like an attention seeker to me.

    • I think he got what he was looking for then 😉

  5. Anonymous

    Oh fuck off – Australians are so full of shit. Your token toy soldiers have never done anything remotely useful in any theatre of war other than to award themselves VCs. Give me break. Remember more than three times as many British troops as Australians were killed at Gallipoli (25254 British dead to Australia’s 7594), more French troops than Australians were killed at Gallipoli (over 10000) and in proportion to total populations, more New Zealanders than Australians were killed in action. Jock is right – you ain’t.

    • LOL – U Mad?

      Get your history from a weeties box Anon? Or a Chully bun? 😀

      Gallipoli’s not really an achievement.

      Now if you want achievements…. Amiens, Villers-Bretonneux, Arras, Tobruk, El Alamein (Didn’t hear Monty complimenting the New Zealand Division LOL), Milne Bay, Kokoda-Buna-Gona, Kapyong, Long Tan, OP Anaconda etc

      Butthurt Detected. I’d suggest you go home and cry to Mumma, but I’ll need to get my dick out of her first.

    • Here’s the difference between us – I know how many other soldiers died in these conflicts, and its not a % of population so we win kind of competition. End of the day, all these service people left their countries, families, friends for their nation, or in the case of the ANZACs the Sovereign and lost their lives. That in itself DEMANDS that any disparaging remarks about them by anyone be off the table. They didn’t lose their lives by having road accidents or jumping off cliffs, they were killed in battle.

      I’m with Botak…except one thing…Gallipoli is an achievement. I’ve stood where they landed and the Turkish tour guide told us how the men got up the hill and he was amazed that they all weren’t wiped out on the first day. Have you been to Gallipoli?

      Get your history right sunshine.

    • OH and PS… again another important difference…. You are attacking Australian’s as a whole, I am not attacking New Zealanders as a whole – just one person – who said something offensive. There’s a big difference. I like that your Prime Minister has dismissed his comments as offensive too. Smart man your PM.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you Kiwi dope. The per capita percentage wouldn’t be hard given the miniscule Kiwi population.

      And as a percentage of soldiers deployed by each country, more Australian soldiers were killed than of any other country in WW1.

      Given you think the per capita percentage is an important statistic, that statistic can be no less important…though I suspect we’re entering a level of logical analysis that extends beyond your capacities. You muppet.

      Phil Patterson. Australian.

    • Thanks for the update on the statistic Phil. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    can someone tell me an email address I can contact both the radio station and jock anderson on?

    I am a young Australian living in London and these comments have reached me here. I am never one to complain but after hearing these comments felt compelled to put my thoughts on paper.

    I am proud to say that i am the Grandaughter of 2 WWII veterans and also the Grand Niece of a Rat of Tobruk.

    I have made the annual trek to Anzac Cove and out of the 3 years I have been here, its my most treasured memory.

    Mr Anderson comments are so unfounded and so offensive that one can only hope Jock Anderson has ended his so called career.

    I can handle the banter with Kiwis on sports and everything else we love to argue about in fact I live with a house hold of Kiwi’s, but one thing I will never tolerate is the belittling of our diggers and that has nothing to do with being “thin skinned”. They all too agree these comments are of the lowest form.

    Jock Anderson I have officially nominated you for Wanker of the year you may hold you head in shame!

  7. Anonymous

    Jock Anderson’s arse must be jealous of his mouth, because so much shit comes out of it. All I have to say, besides that, is history proves him wrong !!

    • Yes it does! Thank you for reading and commenting. Share with your friends so we can get this idiot banned from speaking publicly again.

  8. Anonymous,
    you seem to be real brave sitting behind your computer screen. I am an Australian soldier, who has served for some 26 years and been in more war zones than I care or want to remember, I have seen and done things that would make normal people puke. I also have a son currently serving in Afghanistan with the ADF. Your comments are personally offensive to me and many others both in the ADF and the NZDF.
    You and Jock Anderson typify the little man syndrome that seems to emanate from many people in New Zealand, I can only put it down to jealousy or bitterness.
    Your grasp on the facts relating to military history is poor indeed. I would love dearly to get my hand on you and Jock for just a few seconds, thats all it would take to slap 3 kinds of crap out of you both.
    Amanda Foy, I love your attitude, pride and the fact that you are fired up.

    • Thanks Mark, and I’m honoured that you have left a comment. This Jock Andersen bloke if you listen to the TV interview where he says he stands behind what he says is actually Scottish with a bit of a Kiwi accent thrown in, which explains to me why he has said such stupid things – he doesn’t have the heart of an Australian, so he wouldn’t have a friggin clue what it is to be one.

    • Anonymous

      Oh my – Mark the big, tough keyboard warrior – such brave talk. Sorry, but I have zero respect for the ADF – from the cowards at Singapore who ran away and let the island fall to the Japanese to the rapists at Duntroon, there has been far too much eulogising of the mediocre and too little critical introspection of the failures of the Australian army over the past century.

  9. Tayls68

    My father -in-law was a commando in WW2. ANZAC DAY is sacrosanct to my husband & myself. We were fortunate, our Dad made it home.Unfortunately we lost him to cancer when he was 60 years old.My father-in-law was behind enemy lines for 9 months at one time during the war.When someone denigrates his memory and the sacrifices he and thousands of others made, it makes my blood boil. I feel sorry for any Kiwi regiments marching in the ANZAC day parades, but then again,I don’t think Australians would be that petty on this day of remembrance. Remembering courage, suffering and making the ultimate sacrifice for your country, your family and all the people you love.

    • I agree we wouldn’t be, and it’s important to note that as Australian’s we aren’t crucifying all of NZ for his comments, only him. So many Kiwi’s would have to be embarrassed by what he has said. Their Prime Minister has marked it as offensive.

  10. Anonymous

    The clown has a web site called “Case Load”:

    Contact Case Load
    Contact Details

    Mobile: 027 537 2142
    Email: jockanderson@xtra.co.nz

  11. Anonymous, how dare you! The troops that defended Singapore were under British command and were far from being cowards. As for me I was quite happy to publish my name on my post, unlike you. You my friend are a very sorry excuse for a human and hopefully you are not an Australian, because I would be embarrassed if you were. As for me being a key board warrior, maybe, but I am also a real warrior and have the medals, and battle scares to prove it. I would happily choke the life slowly out of you if given an opportunity.

  12. Anonymous

    hi Amanda, Dont hold back with this gutless fat scottish toady. Its his attitude which is the same arrogant bullshit attitude that has traditionally wound the crap out of us anzac. This fat ungly sack of shit is so typically british forcinf our boys to sail half way around the worls and invade a foreign country that has never threatened our security. On the say so of another fat cigar smokeing pratt called churchill. Why because some bigger fuckwit shot an archduke inSerbia. All over a family feud bewteen Queen Vics petulent offspring. Its all more reason for australia to become a republic. Good on you girlfriend.!!

  13. Anonymous

    • Just watched it. Thank you for sharing. Cracker video. I bet Jock Anderson didn’t know those statistics. Pfft.

  14. Anonymous

    Has anyone decked him yet?

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