Why it's time for Corporate to leave the building... - Amanda Foy

Why it’s time for Corporate to leave the building…

There is a very large reason why I have been self employed since 2009.  I don’t fit into main stream corporate.  All the loyalty, dedication, behaving like it was my money I was spending, repeatedly over and over again meant  nothing when it came down to it.  

I couldn’t get into the mindset that the thing that provided me and my family a lifestyle was just a job. Ever.

I wished so many times that I could be that kind of employee.

Today on my facebook feed, Rieta Mistry of Key2Bliss said that today is the day to change something.  The numbers were right for it. #3rd message – time to act.

The first message came over 12 months ago.  Yes, I have been known to not listen and wrestle things back from my soul camp because I don’t believe them and think I know better.  

Yes. I know. 

Shut Up.

They said to me all that time ago “use your communications expertise to help yourself, not everyone else, you will help more people by putting your knowledge and expertise to the Goddess Imperative.”

So I kinda did.  Not 100%, but kinda.


Then on Friday when Juli and I had another Heal the Healer session – yes we both still do this for each other four years down the track because we are VERY good at being human – she said to me that the DPs were showing me as a butterfly trying to fly but there were ropes tied to a very big rock and the rock was shaped into the word corporate.

Today, I’ve cut those ropes.  Rieta, thank you for again giving me the “there’s nothing wrong with me” moment. 

Corporate:  I get to put mine and Juli’s corporate in place when we start growing into the international conglomerate we have been planning for two years now.  We will be setting the standard in corporate around the world when our time arrives. We will be the ones providing the business culture of choice worldwide.  

Really, we already are.  We are doing the empowerment thing with my reiki and Juli’s unique gift of translating information from people’s soul camps so clearly they cannot miss it.  

We are showing business people what it looks like to live your passion no matter what.

I have been so hell-bent on making sure people didn’t think I was a hairy armpitted lah-lah that I took away the core essense of who I am and what I believe in, in trying to make others take notice.

Arhhh… see that… the last of the pick me energy has just been cut with the ropes around the rock.

Oooh, look there’s a butterfly. 


  1. I love this Amanda, thank you for expressing the thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain for the last 48 hours. It is that time isn’t it, for all of us to stand in our awesomeness and say ..OK, thank you for your lessons, but this is the way I choose to do it from now on!!

    Looking forward to following the butterfly’s journey
    Sally xo

  2. Good for you, Amanda, and good for you, Rieta and Juli for helping her find this message and listen and believe.

    I love that you are still going to be down-to-earth and practical but not necessarily the traditional value of “corporate”. Although can you still be a fluttering butterfly AND down-to-earth? 😀

    Love it. Fly, girl.

  3. Today’s the day to do it Wisemother – today’s the day 🙂 and thank you Pauline. Butterflies will still not make it into my collateral, but I will get to fly.

  4. Fabulous Amanda, beautifully written and such a message…I wait to hear more cheers Di

  5. Congratulations to you both Amanda, I let go of the corporate world last June and although scary at times, it has been an amazing journey of self discovery. Good luck to you x

    • Yes, I resonate with scary Bella, especially when you’ve been doing corporate for so long. We are strong buggers aren’t we?!

  6. Beautifully said Amanda. I have done nursing, corporate and most recently 18 years in the community/disability sector and I am feeling the need for change and the fear of taking the steps to get there.

    • It can be scary Maree. Lord knows it took me long enough. I worked out what ‘Pick Me’ chapter I was in, and it’s like I would have liked to have been in a Harry Potter novel, but I was stuck in a Mills and Boon with the same old same old. You’ll have your aha and it’ll be ok.

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