Why it's time for a pat on the back.... - Amanda Foy

Why it’s time for a pat on the back….

Let’s put the cards out on the table.  Which one of these people are you:

  1. Someone who lives in a state of awareness that to be happy one must take responsibility for ones thoughts feelings and actions.
  2. Someone who lives in a state of awareness that to be unhappy one must take responsibility for ones thoughts feelings and actions.
Yes, there was only one word different in each of those types of people.

You know how if we were all the same, if everyone was at the same level of awakening, if everyone was in the same frame of mind, the world would flat line and pop from lack of enthusiasm.

I would just like to go on record here as saying that both person 1 and person 2 are the same kind of people because of the awareness thing AND they are both perfect.

I had a really big dawning on why it’s REALLY important to just focus on yourself and let everyone watch listen and learn – IF     THEY    WANT    TO.

It’s because the world is not meant to pop from lack of enthusiasm. 

You can be completely passionate about whatever you have in your life, and you’ll want to shout it to the world because it’s been the most awesome thing for you, and because you are loving and operating from your heart you want to share with everyone. 

Some will look at you like you are a complete fruitcake and run screaming the other way…. “the aliens have probed Steve…”.

Some will look at you and go “yeah, drugs…that’s what happens, tsk tsk tsk….”

YOU can only walk your talk.  

If someone is living a life that you want, then:


Do not sit there and go “yeah, it’s alright for you…” that just equals blame and judgement.

Come to think of it, if you are a blamer, then go hard on your blame for someone living the life of their dreams.  Yeah, it’s their fault…yeah!

If all the motivational posts in the world can’t get you out of the way of your life, and you are unhappy, then you know what?  You are person 2, and you need to give yourself a pat on the back.  

You can step forward in your state of awareness that this is where you are meant to be right at this very moment, and you are doing a good job.  You are unhappy and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.

ACCEPT THE FACT and live each day as you have been.  

Watch what happens when you move into acceptance that your life is unhappy.  “meh… it’s how it is, it’s all good.”

If you are desperately trying to be person 1 and your level of awareness is in the unhappy as person 2.  Then to be person one you do the exact opposite of what you are doing in your every day of unhappy.

That means, do a 1-80 on your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The disclaimer is:  it takes time to practice doing the complete opposite from what you have been AND your internal dialogue needs to get really loud and really zen… 

“oh, that’s what low self-esteem looks like…”
“ohhhhh, that’s what self-sabotage sounds like…”
“oh, that’s what self-loathing feels like…”

Sometimes, you’ve got past data.  Sometimes you’ve got genetic memory.  Sometimes you’ve got a concept given to you as a child that your brain has shut away for something later. Sometimes its life times of not dealing with something.  Sometimes it’s just your story.

Know that this lifetime, this age is the age of awareness.  You have 100% complete power to change everything for your next lifetime… if you want to.

If you want a hand with it, then book in and see me for a Reiki.  It’s the second step straight after the awareness gets to, “I’ve had enough”.

Much love and light to you if you have reached this part of my blog.  You are doing a great job, keep going and DO NOT give up.  The Universe has got your back.


  1. I so need to come back and see you. xo

  2. I read this in the early hours of the morning, and it’s been on my heart ever since. This post can be a hot poker in the butt, a gentle nudge, or a mirror. Whichever it is for those reading it, I’m thankful I did! My eyes are open today. xx

    • Krishna, you flew into my mind when I was writing about the passion stuff. The first ever information I got about what you are doing was DO IT…DON’T STOP. So hopefully that flame stays in your heart and it will keep you going if someone does think you’ve got an alien stuck up your bum. 🙂

  3. Gentle nudge for me, I think… I’ve been having quite a few revelations yesterday and I’m still bemused by them… but this is good information and I’m going to allow it to sink gently into my mind. 🙂 Luv your work, Amanda!

    • Living in acceptance of how things are in your today is very freeing Pauline. That’s all you’ve got to do. xx

  4. It’s amazing to me, just how much of our society is all about running away. From the Dead Enders who use Friday as their excuse for mind numbingly stupendous amounts of inebriation to quell their frustration and angst.

    To the well meaning but avoidant platitude quoter who thinks that regular postings about sunshine and happiness will make all their ills magically disappear.

    Society needs those of us who are more aware, to turn towards your pain, feel the hurt, feel the emptiness and once you’ve started healing it, share it with others.

    Only then, will those whose emotions are hidden behind impenetrable walls start to peek over the top and check to see if it’s ok to come out yet.

    Until then, we are doomed to solitude and frustration.

    • We go through what we go through to help other’s go through what we’ve been through. You can only walk for yourself and if that walk of awareness happens to help other’s in the process then BINGO. Winners everywhere.

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