Why business culture is integral to success... - Amanda Foy

Why business culture is integral to success…

I’ve said a number of times when I get to be the CEO of a global company, I am going to be a shining light in the global corporate community to show you how you can have a successful, beyond belief, business with happy employees, happy suppliers, happy share holders and happy customers AND happy no stress owners.

Business owners who are suffering at the moment, check your ego at the door and put your hand out for this very large pill that you are about to swallow.

If you do not:

  • empower
  • engage
  • value through verbal feedback
  • enable
  • clearly communicate required outcomes
  • plan
  • document
  • focus on strengths
  • applaud initiative
  • self assess your fears
  • employ the best person for the job
  • have compassion
  • provide clear direction and expectations
  • have structure
  • have documented lines of communication 
  • leave people to do their job…

your business will cause you more stress than you could ever imagine.

The culture you provide in your place of business is a direct reflection of the outcomes.

The End. 


  1. It is definitely possible to run a successful business this way, we did for years and then we fell off the rails. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I saw your post this morning Maureen. ๐Ÿ™ It must have been a sad day for your employees as much as you.

    • It was and I’ll admit still is. We’re still friendly and on good terms with the whole famly we created and that makes me feel good.

  2. I so wish there were more who understood this. Whenever I’m in a job interview situation and I’m asked about my “management style”, I always say it’s pretty much a communication thing. I tell the team what’s required, they tell me what they need to achieve that, and we work together to get it done.

    Apparently that’s not management. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thankfully, there are some bosses out there who get it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s difficult isn’t it Pauline. I guess that’s why some of us go and start our own businesses.

  3. Cas

    Great post Amanda!

  4. Great blog Amanda!

    You have blogged about my passion in the world that I have up Corporate Employment to tackle through my own advisory practice.

    I have much experience that confirms your belief expressed in this blog. These are posts on two of those experiences:

    The words I use to describe the space of helping corporations and government move to the culture you have described is Sacred Commerce and Sacred Governance, where sacred means reverence and honour.

    I see a psychosis in this world where people have allowed ‘the things’ and often imaginary things to take over the world. Corporations are an agreement to give a registered name to an activity, they dont exist! Yet we allow their needs to be placed above the need of the society they serve, for example by continuing the oil as energy model, which should have been retired 30 years ago.

    My argument is that everything should be done with honour in service to our society and planet.

    There is only us, we cant wait for BP to do it, because BP is an imaginary friend.

    Thanks for the blog, I look forward to seeing more.

    Bless you…..Ura P Auckland

    • Wow! Thank you for reading Ura! Quotable quote “My argument is that everything should be done with honour in service to our society and planet.”

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