Things that changed my life

As The Emotional Strength Trainer, I can tell you that I have had to do a fair bit of my own emotional strength training over the years, and I want to share with you the people who have helped me get to where I am today.

Yes, I am a YES person, that is someone that recognises where growth needs to happen and I say yes to whatever shows up. When I want change, I set my mind to it, and seek it out and smash through it as quickly as possible.

The Generosity Model is my favourite way to work. Every link on this page has not been put here lightly. The links are the holding hand kind of links where I will receive a kickback from the affiliate link as a thank you for promoting them, it’s a great way to work in the new paradigm of business.



Denise Duffield-Thomas is changing the way women grab a hold of their empowerment around money blocks. The bootcamp group is sensational and the women I have connected with in here are amazing. You get to be real, raw and honest with your money blocks and you will quickly learn that there is nothing wrong with you and you are just in a phase that a lot of other women have worked through and will support you on your journey.

To sign up for the LUCKY BITCH BOOTCAMP click HERE

You should go and have a look at my business page on Facebook. When I started with Steven Aitchison at the beginning of February, my page had 942 likes and 6% engagement … within two days and implementing two recommendations, I was up 70+ likes, and just on a week out, I was up 100+ likes, my engagement had grown and I had a clump of new people on my database. Roll forward to June 2016 and I started the month at 17200+ likes and an engagement rate of 31-120% depending on viral posts. (Revised 22 Mar 2017: 25200+ 30% engagement (slow week). The community I belong to as well is earth-shattering. People that are changing everything all over the place. This group is truly worth every cent of the membership fee.




Things have vibrations, and in my life of looking around at crystals and oils and essences, the only thing that has ever made my hand zing – like an electric charge – has been dōTERRA oils. When the lady told me the emotional reason behind the oil that was making my hand zing, you could have blown me over with a feather. They are nothing short of extraordinary.

I am using dōTERRA as part of my Emotional Strength Training services and they are the foundation energy in my DEMANKING™ clearing spray, handcream and roll-on.  If you would like to join my team or purchase any products please head to my dōTERRA website: CLICK HERE

Project Positive Change

Oh goodness, where do I start with Project Positive Change? I am an official foundation Visionary with this extraordinarily exciting project. It’s going live in the next couple of months with a membership option for change makers, so come back here often so you are able to jump in on the offer Leigh Daniel will have for new people who want to change the world. Click on the logo to go and have a look around the site. It’s still in it’s building phase, but you’ll be able to see the company you’ll be keeping. We’re all AMAZEBALLS.


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