You are on top of your game, you feel it in your waters that you are on track with your life and business, you’ve done all the planning, had all the mentoring sessions, everything…. and PFFT …. crickets.

No clients. The wrong clients. Outstanding payments causing you to miss your payments. Employees that make your hair fall out. You continually get overlooked. No one is hearing your message. You have bought an established business and you can feel it has all the old manky energy from the people before you.

It’s exhausting!!

It’s also not fair when you are feeling on top of your game and your business isn’t reflecting how you feel and then ba-bow, you start to go down hill too.



Session Options



Everything has energy. Everything. Your business is it’s own entity – it has it’s own energy.

As you built your business from the ground up, you’ve also built it’s energy. Your business has evolved, just like you have evolved, and that existing energy might be holding you back. Especially if, as we all have, limiting beliefs are flying through your head as you are tapping out your website copy or designing your logo. That gets fed into the business, and while you look after you, it gets stuck in there.

Think about this if you have bought an existing business! The people who created it, owned it and worked in and for it BEFORE YOU. Think about that. It’s like going to a public toilet without washing your hands afterwards.


All their energy is tied up in the business. Did they sell it because they couldn’t get it to fly and resented it? Did they sell because they were tired and the business wasn’t giving them any joy? Did something bad happen in their life and they were forced to sell so there was grief, sadness and depression attached to the business before they handed it over to you?

You might bring a whole heap of love into the business, but the cellular footprint has been left behind.

If you are building a business, and you have gotten as far as buying the domain name for your website, or a logo developed and then everything comes to a screaming halt. I can help you kick start that engine of desire again so that the business energy grabs you and takes you along with it.


With a combination of my gift of being able to see energy, and verbally describe it to you, and then with my 29 years of corporate experience in communications and administration, I can help you clear out all the cobwebs and manky gunk holding the heart and soul that is your business back from being what you absolutely know it can be.




RTD_testimonial pic2Rebecca T Dickson said after her Radical Results Session:

“WHAT? what? whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m only 10 minutes in and I am FREAKING OUT. I have to talk to you. You have NO IDEA how spot on this is!!!!!”

Rebecca is a rapidly growing multiple seven figure business in the US and she just knew that there was something stopping her from cracking through her ceiling.


alisonwaltonAlison from Collaborate4Women said:

“All I can say is WOW!!!!! – You hit the nail on the head… Thank you so much for this Amanda, you are amazing at what you do. Thank you for giving my business it energy flow back xx”



coinKathryn from a small lending group had an issue with default payments which were debilitating her business. 72 hours after clearing the blockages, her email was inundated with people wanting to make payment plans to clear their debt. A debt she would have ordinarily written off.

30.12.14 UPDATE: End of the year results, defaults went from 25% down to a remarkable 2.5%.




Now it’s your turn: What value are you missing out on in your business? Are you ready to crack six figures or seven figures and it’s never just quite making it? Step out of your comfort zone and into your abundance. If the gift of seeing energy doesn’t float your boat, my 26 years in large corporate international and domestic business should. I am really  REALLY good at this! 


So there’s two options to choose from. The Recording only (which has a 30 minute debrief option available if you want to clarify anything) and then the full blown planning session that happens after the blockages have been identified in the recording.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: For both options, you receive a voice recording. I treat your business as an energy body and I look at seven areas of that business and tell you what I see and during that recording you receive lots of great juicey advice. You see, what happens is that I am not across all industries, so I may say something that makes absolutely no sense to me, but it will mean a huge gold nugget for you for the industry that you work in.

There is plenty of insight offered during the recording only session if you are across all other elements of your business and I have been told by my clients that they are able to go back and listen to it time and time again to help them start to progress the positive actions in their business.

What happens, as the owner, because you have your own things going on, when you listen to it the first time, your mind might zone out for some part and when you listen to it again you will catch it the second time. The recording provides plenty of actionable items as well as removing the manky bits that are holding everything up.

With the planning session option, which is the recording and then a one on one hour session with me, my 29 years corporate experience in administration and communications joins the party and we go through all the findings with the business brain aspect.  This is where you are able to directly speak “this is the area that is bothering me, what can I do…” and we document action plans and the big ideas land at this time as well.

Seriously radical approach to business success, and seriously result driven. You’ll have so many amaze-ball things happen in your business you’ll have people wondering what the heck you are doing!


No matter where you are in the world, what industry and what part of the business scale you are on, we can do this thing. If you are outside Australia, you will enjoy the low value of the AUD at the moment! It’s a bargain!


This session is the one that I do the recorded session to clear the blockages and then you are welcome to take up a half hour debrief to validate or clarify any of the information from the session. The debrief session can also recorded because more AMAZEBALLS ideas usually will come out.


This session is the the absolute BOM. I do the blocked energy clearing from your business and then we have a one hour face to face on skype about the findings and then do some planning work, come up with ideas, and structure a plan that you can manage, love and adore. Anytime in the month after this session, we also have another 30 minute catch up to fine tune everything and make sure it’s all on track.

After that, let the good times roll!

Are you ready?

If you’re ready, I’m ready and that’s all it takes to start opening the flood gates to the core happiness of your business.


Session Options