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Groups not your thing but information is? Read on!

2017 is a 1 year – that means 2+0+1+7 added together equals the number 1. (1+0)

A #1 year is all about new beginnings.

2016 was a #9 year and although many people had good years, by the end of it they were tired.

Unfortunately though, for every one person who had a good year, ten people were ready to kick 2016 in the backside as it went through the door for the last time.

Energy is everything, and each year we go through different things collectively. Everything that happens in our lives during any given year, leaves an energetic footprint in your body.

What if I told you that everything you deal with in any given month can be cleared out of your energy system gently so that you feel more empowered, resilience and capable of handling whatever life throws your way?

Well, there is a way and it works.

If you’ve experienced one of my demankings or the 2008-2016 energy clearing, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Here’s some feedback from the group session from last year.

I got a lot from it and it made PERFECT sense to me! I also listened to the group session several times as well and that also resonated with me. I made notes which I go back to now and again. Maree G : Darwin.

It was crazy – I have not been able to get up in the morning for at least 6 months and the next day I was wide awake at 4:45 AM! Kathi KR : California

We’ve been feeling it all day. Alpa P-L : United Kingdom

Yes we have!! Shows it’s all working! Never been so happy to be groggy!!
Maggie A : United Kingdom

Major sadness lots of releasing of tears. All good.
Andrea B

I am feeling better and lighter and clearer than I have felt in MONTHS!!!! Soo much water tho. So much water.

Lauren D C-P : USA

Hell I felt it and I wasn’t even on the call! I’ve been up since 4am 🙂
Jennie L-H: Ontario Canada

Remember that left shoulder pain? It’s 90% gone.. After I posted the other day about my sinuses with 24 hours I was 80% better… THANKING THE UNIVERSE I SAID YES TO THIS MAGIC!!! If this is the beginning – AND I can feel the shifts from all the releasing of fears in just two calls… I can’t even wrap my head around what things will look like in 42 weeks from now!!! Hell YES! Thank you Amanda… So grateful for this experience!  

Keri G : Massachusetts



This is a group healing or what I call the “greater whole” work. When you order the monthly report detailing what has been taken out of your energy system, you throw your energy into the healing pot.

My major point of difference is this: Your energy is fully protected when you join the healing. No one’s energy can touch yours, and your energy cannot touch anyone else’s, so this energy healing work is perfect for empaths.

Truly, you won’t know yourself after three months of these sessions!


What we will be working on is your cellular awareness.

The level of awareness that not everyone can access on their own. It is a perfect companion to the level two awareness which is a major part of the positive action steps to get to the bottom of sadness, ill health and lack of mojo.




A monthly private soundcloud audio file around 35-40 minutes long.


A transcription of the audio file in pdf format to print out,
read and make notes on. 


A Chakra Chart to print off to make notes.


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(~10 January, 2017)

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Important Terms and Conditions

The recording and document you will be receiving remain the property of Amanda Foy, The Emotional Strength Trainer.


When you purchase the monthly report you are protected by the energy that I set within the process and email list. When shared with people outside the group, it may cause adverse reactions because they are outside the protective bubble I have created.

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