Natural Therapy and Energy Healer Mentoring

natural therapy energy healing mentoring

Whether you have a natural therapy, were attuned to Reiki or trained in your chakra healing modality recently or years ago, now is a good time to receive the clarity you are looking for with how it can work for you.


Having a mentor around you, especially if you are getting use to ENERGY THERAPIES is the best way to build your confidence going forward.


Even if you are using it for yourself and your family or you have a business and want to help your business grow, this is the mentoring group for you.



Have trained in an energy therapy and want to start using it.

Lack confidence in stepping into their gift.

Are surrounded by people who don’t support your gift.

Want to turn their gift into a successful business.


There is a six week program with an added six weeks for those in business or wanting to build a business.

natural therapy energy healing mentoring

In the first six weeks you will learn and be heard with:

Your familiarisation journey
How to protect your energy
How to identify where your natural gifts exist
How to build your confidence with the information
How to trust the information
How to translate the information to your client
How to transform it into a major part of your life.

Each week, every member will receive an energy healing session to remove any energetic blockages clogging up your filter, holding you back from your dream life. 

natural therapy energy healing mentoring

In the second six weeks we cover: 

Working out your prices

How to be ok with charging for your time

Business Tips
Marketing Tips
Social Media Tips

Product Funnel

natural therapy energy healing mentoring

Each mentoring session will range in time
from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on
the quantity of members to allow for Q&A sessions.

natural therapy energy healing mentoring

First Six Weeks


Second Six Weeks


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*Prices in Australian Dollars and include GST for Australian Clients

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Mentoring Package