Masterminds with a difference


My Masterminds will SMASH your old behaviours! 


2016 is the year of completion AND there’s only 6 months left to clear out all that no longer serves you.

Everything you’ve experienced and learned over the last few years can now come into play and you get to implement all the wisdom.

If you’ve been a recipient of my FREE weekly PODCASTS or part of my online energy clearing group CARMY, you’ll also know this year as the year of identifying BULLSH*T stories.

It’s time to cut them loose.

You’ve been working diligently on your personal development or business development and still nothing is clicking, that AHA is still eluding you.

You’re one of those people who have so many scars on your knees from getting back up after a fall, that the dirt has started to leave marks, but you’ll be buggered if you are going to give up.


Sound like your life summed up in three sentences?

I’m Amanda and I’m the answer to your dreams when it comes to personal and business development masterminds that will get to the bottom of what is actually stopping you from breaking through your story.

I work with women and men who know they are destined for better; entrepreneurs, career professionals, first responders, business executives and stay at home mums getting ready for when babes are old enough. Each and every one of the people who have completed one of my masterminds came to me because they felt stuck, in overwhelm and needing an outside hand to go digging for the blockages. Every one of them!


When you join the masterminds:

  • You’ll be in amazement of the perfect match of participants. It happens EVERY. TIME. 
  • By week three you’ll have swapped emails and phone numbers with the other participants.
  • Your breakthroughs will show you how different your physical breathing becomes.
  • Every fear you have in stepping into your greatness will melt away.
  • Your personal power-meter will be binging off the ceiling while you implement changes.

When you start to get to know me and my point of difference:

  • You’ll be smacking your forehead that you didn’t do it sooner. 
  • You’ll finally know what unconditional love and support feels like. 
  • You’ll realise that you aren’t a weirdo or there is something wrong with you.
  • You’ll be wishing your days away to get to your next session. 
  • You’ll be able to say NO to sabotage behaviour in your life for all eternity.







Be clear and on top of your game.


12 weeks one group session a week

12 one on one EST/ DEMANKING sessions a week
24/7 access to your mastermind mates 

it’s an intensive!

mastermind benefits

  1. As soon as you sign up, you will receive a PRIVATE Emotional Strength Session with a 30 minute debrief to clear out that first layer of gunk and to set your intentions for outcomes in the mastermind.
  2. When the mastermind starts, we have a group session via HANGOUT  where we work together on issues. This is where you start to realise how perfect the group make-up is. Each participant will open up with their issues and the chorus of “oh my lord” begins.
  3. Each week AFTER the group session you will receive a “demanking”, which is a private recorded EST session about the biggest blockage you’ve had show up in the live group session.
  4. At week six and week twelve, you will receive the big seven energy area EST session to ensure that everything is in alignment. Again, this will be a private recording.
  5. While this work cannot harm, hurt or hinder your development, if you have what is called a ‘healing crisis’ where you feel stuck or go into overwhelm, you’ll be able to reach out for support during the week in between sessions. This can be in the group or for a private chat if you require.
  6. There will be homework, vulnerability, safety and security, oh and the greatest blessings. Friendships that you will cherish in the most profound ways.
  7. A very AMAZING goodies pack in the mail, that you open and say “Oooo” a lot!



Evenings (ideal for UK)
Mornings (ideal for USA)

 (Check your timezone HERE)





So, how to measure if you are a fit for this group:

1. You have had enough of things not going your way in life.
2. You have an awareness around the concept that you are responsible for your own life and actions.
3. You have an awareness around the concept that you are on a journey of the soul and you can heal it.
4. You have a fear that you are missing something and need fresh eyes and ears to help you see it.
5. You are committed to your personal growth.
6. You understand that ugly crying with snot maybe involved when you have breakthroughs.
7. You understand that vulnerability is key to healing.
8. You understand that “I want to quit: fight or flight mode” means you are on track.
9. You trust and believe that I will support you every step of the way, as will your Mastermind Mates.
10. You have a gmail account and know what a hangout is or are willing to learn.

Did you tick more than three of those options? Good, then you don’t want to miss out

mastermind investment

Time investment:

You will need to be prepared to spend 2-3 hours a week for this work. The group is intentionally small so our weekly session is around 1 to 2 hours with the remainder of your time doing the ‘homework’ and also listening to your demanking session over and over to help the sabotage pockets clear.

At the beginning when you have your private one on one EST Clearing session, you will need to spend ~30 minutes listening to your recording and then a 30 minute debrief with me.

Each week, you will also need to listen to your private demanking session that you will receive after our session, which can be 10-15 minutes.

It is ESSENTIAL you listen to these recordings, because while the blocked energy IS removed, listening to it opens up more doors to letting the deeper stuff shift too.

The Smashing Sabotage Mastermind is AU$3300 for the twelve weeks. Which works out to AU$275 per week. If you are in Australia, these prices include GST.

There’s three payment options:

  1. Payment in full AU$3300
  2. Three (3) payments of AU$1200.
    • Payment one prior to start
    • Payment two week 3
    • Payment three week 7
  3. Weekly payments of AU$325 with a double up at the beginning so you are always a week ahead

Now, the Australian Dollar is a bit of a bargain at the moment, so if you want to see those prices in your local currency, then jump onto OANDA and get an idea of the exchange rate.

Payment options include:

  • PayPal (See the button below)
  • Direct Deposit – I will send you an invoice with the details
  • Credit Card through manual transaction.
    Visa, Mastercard and American Express
    Please email me at for DD or manual CC payments
Full payment button:

Three payment button:

Weekly payment button:

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