Love Issues Be Gone!

Enrolled in the Love Life Detox Program and you need a bit of an energetic hand – you are on the right page – scroll to the bottom to book!

If you aren’t enrolled and just want a quick clean out, then read on! But you should totally enrol, it’ll change your life!

Valentines Day is in February. You might be one of those who jumps on the band wagon of ‘it’s just a commercial venture’ but secretly you are hoping that a secret admirer does send you those roses, or your new boyfriend pulls one out of the bag and surprises you with the most romantic evening you’ve ever experienced.

You are in a relationship with a Narcissist and have no idea how to stop being a codependent and stepping back into your own power.

You are repeating patterns in relationships and you don’t know how to break those patterns.

I could go on and list all sorts of love issues, but right now I want to get to the point.

When I talk about energy creating illness in our bodies as a result of traumatic life events, when it comes to love, it could very well be that your ‘traumatic life event’ around love is that you watched your father treat your mother in a way that it became ingrained in your subconscious as normal. You may have been born into a line of women who never found their voice in relationship, and you know you have one but something keeps stopping you from speaking up.

You very well may have had a bad experience before your brain stopped growing around 24 or 25 and that set you in a direction that you don’t know how to get out of it.

Working with me, we can change your reality. Truly we can.

This is called a Love Issue Demanking.

I will set the specific intention to have your energy show me what the energy stuck in your soul at cellular level looks like and will remove it.

You will receive a private soundcloud recording with me describing exactly what I’ve removed from your system and a small pep talk about where to start putting positive actions in place for what you’ve just opened up for your life.

It’s amazing in it’s simplicity.

Over the next three days to two weeks, you will start to feel different emotions, you will start seeing your internal dialogue with yourself changes and then how your behaviours and dialogue with others changes too.

You never know, with that energetic mank removed, the intention list you wrote for the man or woman of your dreams to show up might even just free up your sight so that you can see them so clearly you’ll be face-palming that you didn’t do it sooner.