Amanda working with Healers



Lauren Rainbow, Medium is truly one of the most gifted translators I’ve met.  Healers need other healers to keep them on top of their game. I have personally experienced Lauren’s work too and it was an amazing experience. As always, working with people who understand energy it’s always a wonderful gift to both of us. Lauren kindly provided the following testimony.

“I feel so blessed to have experienced an Emotional Strength session with the amazing Amanda Foy. The information in the session was spot on and connected with current challenges in my life. Amanda worked to energetically remove and heal the emotional blocks in my energy field leaving me to feel clear and confident about making positive changes in my life. Now I am moving gracefully toward goals I have been long dreaming of with grace and ease! Amanda’s work is powerful, compassionate and concise, a must for anyone!”
Lauren Rainbow, Medium 


Amanda on her Emotional Strength Training


Leigh Daniel is the founder of Project Positive Change, one of the most exciting initiatives of the 21st Century.

I was so fortunate to work with Leigh recently and she kindly provided a video testimonial which you can watch by clicking HERE or clicking in the video below.





anahall“Amanda has been my Reiki Healer for quite some time now. Although I had researched Reiki before going to her, so I had an idea of “how it all works”, I was absolutely unprepared and blown away by my first session. (actually, I get blown away every session) The way she is able to pin point the EXACT issues I am experiencing, even when I am a bit hazy about it myself, it all makes sense. I find this extremely helpful as it helps me concentrate on the areas that need it. Also, with the releasing of the blockages it helps me regain balance in my physical and emotional states. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough. She was even able to help my cousin on the other side of the world. I went there for a holiday and my cousin was going through a really tough time. The first thought I had was: I must get Amanda to help! And sure enough, one text and email later-Amanda to the rescue! I honestly believe that there is absolutely nothing that this woman cannot do and that there is no one she cannot help. Meeting Amanda and having her in my life is a blessing and I am so grateful.” Ana Hall | Anaphylactic | Burrum Heads : Queensland


“In 2009 my world fell apart in the blink of an eye. The emotional overwhelm and pain that came with the events that occurred in my life was staggering. Even though I had many tools at my disposal to help me through, Amanda reaching out to offer me her unique energy therapy was a God send. Amanda has since become a dear friend and supporter for the last four and half years; and her skills and abilities are always profound.

When I feel like I’m overly stressed or overwhelmed with the task before me, her work always brings much needed relief and insight. Surprisingly the next day, I always sleep between 8-10 hours after her one of her sessions (something that is a rarity for me). The fact that we’re in two different countries has not impeded my outcomes at any time, nor will they yours.

Amanda’s sessions are well worth the investment to support your health and wellbeing, in fact if anything, they’re undervalued for the benefits received. We all know that we cannot be productive and efficient when we’re not in the right space emotionally, mentally or spiritually. I highly recommend her services and I’m grateful for her. You’d be very fortunate to get on her schedule.”
James Arthur Ray | Mentor and New York Times Best Selling Author | USA



“I have to say that in all the reiki treatments I have ever had…I have never had this experience with such detail and with so much love.”

Maria Flynn | One Wise Life| Delaware : United States of America



“Ok, I am going to be very transparent here because I so believe in Amanda’s work. I am no stranger to therapists. I started seeing one after I got married. In fairness, the one thing it gave me the courage to do was leave my husband which then gave me the courage to learn how to drive, lose 40 pounds and become a freaking Goddess! Ok, pretty amazing….but it gave me NO tools for the rest of my life which has included “a lot of living!” In one personal EST session with Amanda, with a little input by me, she got to the root of a major problem that has haunted and caused me stress my WHOLE life! I believe in therapists less and less because therapy is so dry, there is no spirituality connected to it and therefore is very limited as to what it can heal. And we all, everyone of us, could use some healing in some aspect of their life. So with that being said, Amanda is amazing! Book a session and see for yourself!”
Laura LaRosa : Beauty by LaRosa : USA


 “This is amazing, I can’t explain everything to you in an email but I recently separated from my Husband and everything you said in this reading is relevant to me right now in a HUGE way.  I could talk to you for hours about how much you have helped me since the first reading in November,  I don’t think you will ever really know.” SL | Brisbane : Australia



Amanda The Inspirational Speaker:


Masterclass Money, Manifesting and Managing it: Gold Coast July 2014

What a dream team!  Amanda Foy and Michelle House were fantastic additions to the conference program.  Not only being enthusiastic promoters of the Association in the lead up to conference, they were completely ‘on task’ meeting all our deadlines.

Their session was the perfect mix of out of the box approaches and practical down to earth strategies.   I loved the session and the journey they took us on.  They created a generous and safe space for delegates to identify what was going on for them. Identifying the personal and business blockages (emotional and systems issues) made this a profound session!  Thank you so much!

Louise D’Allura
Home Economist and Accredited Expert Professional Organiser | Conference Project Team Australian Association of Professional Organisers

After a 10 minute presentation at the Swagger Project Launch:

“Thank you Amanda, for my breakdown/breakthrough!!! I feel pretty good right now and have addressed some issues already!!! Am so looking fwd to the journey ahead and am gob-smacked that I have been given the gift if you and the Swagger women.” Ronnie Toohey | Arbonne Australia |  Sunshine Coast : Australia


“I booked Amanda as a speaker for the launch of The Kitchen Table Network Brisbane West in October 2012, and I have rebooked her to celebrate our 1st birthday in October. Amanda spoke on personal branding and how important it is to be authentic in business. Her audience were women in business. Amanda connected with the audience on real issues and everyone warmed to her genuine openness. She was humorous but kept on point, was well organised and a popular speaker. Thank you Amanda.” Karen Farley | Travel Manager and Chapter Director TKTN | Brisbane : Australia


“I have had the pleasure and honour of hearing Amanda Foy speak at one of the Gold Coast Kitchen Table Networks. Amanda creates a presence and the audience is mesmerised. She delivers her content in a no nonsense kind of a way which anyone can relate to, she involves the audience and speaks from personal experience and her heart. After hearing Amanda speak, one is left feeling empowered, enthusiastic and ready to take on the world. She is also really funny and a few true belly laughs throughout her presentation sure lift everyone’s spirits. I could listen to her all day but would probably end up in a cardiac arrest from laughing too much.” Ana Hall | Anaphylactic | Queensland : Australia

Amanda on her empowerment group The G-Force:

About the De-cluttering exercise in the G-Force
“Thanks ladies for providing a safe space to facilitate the healing much love and appreciation” DS Gold Coast


“Just want to express my deep felt gratitude for this group and the incredible and delightful colourful rainbow of women that are here! I am getting a bit overwhelmed with all of the conversations going on however, I do feel the beautiful compassion and love from everyone. It is a very special place & I feel privileged to be here!” Iveta Lott | Lotts of Health | Brisbane : Australia

Amanda on Social Media Communications

“After going through the most difficult time in my life and losing my entire business, I decided to begin again in late 2013. Having been out of social media for the better part of four years, Amanda reached out to let me know that there had been many changes in the social media scene; and she quickly took the role of social media mentor in my new re-emerging business. Her methods are empowering. She’s really great at doing everything from creating unique ideas, to giving you overarching principles that you can immediately implement.

Once I became competent in one platform and ready to learn the next she was there with ideas, guidance and support.  In my experience she particularly strong in community building projects that are significant in helping me to re-engage with my audience. The feedback I’ve received since my return is testament to Amanda’s guidance and creativity. If your intention is to authentically engage your followers and broader community, and to make yourself stand apart by making everyone feel important and heard, then there’s no one better than Amanda. I can’t encourage you enough to allow her to work her magic with you and your clients. You’ll be glad you did.”  James Arthur Ray | Mentor and New York Times Best Selling Author | Los Angeles : United States of America


“Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Foy of Foyster’s Communications. I felt a synergy with Amanda and searched out ways that we could work together. I attended an education seminar she hosted with May King Tsang of Mayking Tea, where she shared her knowledge and advice regarding B2B communication through social media platforms. I got so much from the course I hired Amanda to provide specific advice for our businesses. She is creative and innovative, with a friendly easy going manner. I look forward to working with her again.” Leisa Low | Rallings Printing | Brisbane : Australia


“Amanda is an ideas woman – she can create innovative solutions in any circumstance. She embodies passion and creativity, and has a fantastic flair for making everyone feel involved. She is a warrior against the mundane and dull, bringing light into every office. Amanda sees possibilities in every corner – she seeks to bring out artistry in all areas of the business, encouraging all those who work with her to reach for outside-the-square solutions. I loved working with Amanda and would love to get the opportunity to work with her again in the future.” Rachel Lachat | Brisbane : Australia