Chronic Illness and Cancer

Let’s be honest, I would have much preferred if you’d clicked on another page of my website and there was no need for me to have a page that was for those with chronic illness or cancer.


Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that people get sick.


Before we get too much further along, it’s important for me to come clean now. I’m a natural therapist who is a friend of medicine.


Yes, people can heal naturally from illnesses, and there are many people who wouldn’t even know where to start with healing themselves and all they have known is medicine.


It is my purpose in this life time to be the voice bridging the gap between medicine and natural therapies. I believe together they can create magic, and with all my work, it’s about patient outcomes, not who is right or wrong.

So, back to you.


When you receive your diagnosis, often the first thing that kicks in is fear, commonly fear of dying.


That fear sets off stress chemicals in your body, which I believe impede the medicine’s ability to work properly or in the best case scenario, reducing or eliminating side effects all together. I have had great results with breast cancer patients on their chemotherapy journey as well as outstanding surgery outcomes with recuperation.


Most importantly too, these sessions are also extremely helpful for carers and family who are also terrified of the possibilities once the diagnosis has landed.


Fear is crippling when illness comes to land and it’s so important to focus on getting well, you need that clarity to help you get there. 

If you would like to book a session, please go to THIS PAGE and click on the level of session you would like to assist you.

If you would like to donate a session or a program of sessions for a friend or loved one, please email me at bookings (at) amandafoy (dot) com (dot) au and I will discuss some options with you.


I look forward to being a part of your team that supports you back to optimum health.