Are you ready to step into the love life you’ve always wanted,

perhaps you didn’t even think existed?

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I am so excited to bring you this online program to help you turn your love life and other relationships around.

That’s the best thing about this program, not only will it turn your love life into something you’ve dreamed about, you can use this process for ANY relationship or relating experience you have going on in your life. Truly ANY of them. It’s the same process.

That’s why I’ve made this program a one time, life membership program. You can come back in and do each week over and over again as you grow through your personal development around relationships across the board.

Exciting right?! 

So 9 weeks, just over two months to get everything on track.

I have designed this detox to be easily manageable from a time point of view. Each week is connected to the next week. Even if you think “I’ve done this step and it didn’t work”, you will see how the flow on effect with each week shows you how one exercise connects to another exercise, connects to another exercise until all the dominoes are ready to fall.

When it is ready to fall, the most beautiful pattern will be born.Love life dominos

The closed online Facebook Group, which you will also have lifetime access to, is the safe place you can go for moral support as you work through any issues, and also the place to come back to if you have any triggers or flare ups show up in your life after the detox is done.

You know that analogy that we are all onions, we have layers that we need to work through and you are best served working through one layer at a time? Well, this program will help you as your onion starts to detox, so that when you get to your next level on the relationship scale, you can start again and address each week to help you.

You can use the group and the program as a cleanser every time you think you might be onto a new level of your onion, or as we all know, as we change, relationships change and we need to grow with it. This will help at those times. 

The best part, the more you do this process, the quicker you get. So, as you do it for the first time, you take the nine weeks, but the second time might take you two weeks, the third time might, like me, take you max three days. You should feel comfortable in the knowledge that following this process, you’ll be able to do the work in three days when you are really good at it. 

I hope you didn’t miss my message there – I still follow this process in my life when a new relating experience shows itself. It’s all about taking responsibility for your feelings and then putting positive actions in place to get through it.


Not over it, under it, around it, THROUGH it. It’s the only way to go!


Toxi relationships


Why would it take nine weeks to do this work?

Because I want you to have the outcomes.

Now, I’m not going to suggest at all that this is going to be a rosy journey you are about to go on, skipping through fields of lavender with a basket of fruit, cheese and a bottle of Bollinger.

In many regards it’s going to be one of the hardest detoxes you’ll have done.

There is high expectations for ugly snot crying, wishing you had access to voodoo dolls, realising that you can get to levels of angry you didn’t think possible and having to become a savant in the art of compassion, especially for yourself!

With anything I do or offer, I always make sure that there is the energy of my foundation therapy Reiki, which means that I set the intention and implement the energy of…

Make the Journey Gentle…

That means, don’t be frightened to do this work.

Since I started my natural therapy practice in 2009, if I had a dollar for every person who said they were too scared to do the work because they might dig things up or they might start crying and not stop, I would be living in the Maldives with Rhodeeka bringing me Coronas for afternoon tea to have with my lobster. 

Sometimes people start doing this kind of personal development and the pain starts to show up and they quickly stop – they believe they are going into what is called a healing crisis – like a place of no return which involves depression and other scary things. 

I have done this work myself, and it worked. No depression, no crying to the point of being bed ridden for days and not functioning. 

That’s not what is going to happen here. It has been purposefully designed to take you gently through the process, and then with the support community, you will be able to feel safe going through the motions of detoxing all the manky gunk out of your love bucket. 


program suitability

This program is ideal for people who are sick and tired of relationships that make them sick and tired. Here’s some scenarios to help you see if your life fits in with the plan.

  • You grew up in a family with dysfunctional relationships and as you grew into an adult you start to realise that you are repeating the patterns.
  • You have relationships that don’t last very long and you desperately want a long term relationship.
  • You have just ended a long term relationship and don’t know how to get back in the saddle.
  • You are in a relationship that is going no where and you don’t know how to step into your truth and leave.
  • All your friends have meaningful relationships and you continue to be the third wheel.
  • You have had your heart and soul ripped out by a narcissist and don’t know where to start.
  • You take full responsibility for unsuccessful relationships in your life.
  • You are a chronic people pleaser too frightened to let the real you show because you think that you’ll never get yourself a partner if they really knew who you were. 
  • You have family that have the ‘perfect’ relationship and you just can’t seem to get it together and they are always judging you for it.
  • Your family believes in ‘traditional’ relationships and you want a non-traditional relationship.
  • You are trying to find your way in the LGBT community.

If you think about all these scenarios, and how many aren’t mentioned here, this work is really never a done deal. We all evolve through relationships as we get older and have experienced what life brings to the table, so you want to have the tools to help you through with the least amount of distress and most of all, not spending years tied in knots over decisions you made in your late teens or twenties. 



So, let’s get to the breakdown of the program to show you the work you’ll be doing and sharing if you need to in the closed facebook group.

relationship nirvana


We evolve and so do our relationships.

If you read any of those articles of people who have been married for decades, the first thing you’ll hear is “YOU HAVE TO WORK AT IT”.

We always need to keep working at relationships even when we have met “the one” and so this program gives you the framework to use over and over as you find bumps in the road in your romantic relationships, or need to build new business relationships or make new friendships… 

Whatever the relationship or stage of relationship,
this process is your foundation for keeping you sane, happy and awake!


   Week 1: Relationships – we look at what you’ve learned and you’ll be surprised at the areas of your life you have to research.

Week 2: Relationships – we identify those key moments in your life that caused the biggest impact.

Week 3: Owning it – the good, the bad, the ugly.


  Week 4: This is where we build the jigsaw with all the pieces that showed themselves in the last three weeks.

Week 5: A very important part of the process is not going straight to the rainbow unicorn pooing glitter before this step.

Week 6: I will show you how to cut all the energetic ties you’ve identified and no one has to lose an eye.


Week 7:  Is your home screaming at you that you don’t really want the love of your life in it? 

Week 8: Finally we get to the work about who you do want to come into your life.

Week 9: The most important part to bring it all together “I only attract those into my life who….”

Ready to JoinV2