Detox FAQs

Is the price a one time only price, there’s no renewal fees?

Yes, that’s right, the fee to join is a one time fee on the detox only program. The VIP Upgrade and the One on One coaching is a one time, one use payment. The nine week program is available for life to the VIP upgraders and the one on one coaching too.

Do I have access to the facebook group if I do the one on one coaching program?

Yes, you have access to the facebook group and the nine week video program.

Is the facebook page available for anyone to see?

No, the facebook page is closed. Only members of the Love Life Detox have access to the page.

The investment is in Australian Dollars, how much is this in my currency?

Please go to this Currency Converter to check out how much it will cost in your local currency: OANDA

How much time will it take me each week?

This will depend on how many memories you have. Each lesson you should allow 30 minutes straight after watching the video because this is when you will get the most memories coming up for you, then as the week progresses you might do five minutes here or there as you remember other things you want to include. So over a week a minimum investment of time of around about an hour+.

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