Demanking™ with CLOVE Essential Oil

Demanking Your Co-dependency with Clove




Are you having difficulty even breaking through the clingfilm on your roast chicken in the refrigerator?


Clove is the answer! 


CLOVE The Oil of Boundaries

Clove supports individuals in letting go of victim mentality.

Victims feel overly influenced by other people and outside circumstances.

They perceive themselves as powerless to change their life situations.

Clove helps individuals to stand up for themselves, be proactive, and feel capable of making their own decisions, regardless of others’ opinions or responses.

Clove assists individuals in letting go of patterns of self-betrayal and codependency by reconnecting them with their personal integrity.

It builds up appropriate boundaries and defenses.

Clove gives the pushover the courage to say “no.”

It reignites the inner soul-fire and can assist anytime there has been damage to the Self, related to childhood pain, trauma or abuse.

Clove is especially helpful for breaking free of patterns of abuse by restoring the victim’s sense of Self and helping them regain the strength to stand up for their needs.

Clove insists that individuals live true to themselves and the Divine by establishing clear boundaries.

Negative Emotions: Victim, defeated, dominated, enslaved, fear of rejection, intimidated, controlled by others, co-dependent

Positive Properties: Empowered, clear boundaries, protected, courageous, independent, capable, proactive, personal integrity


Details from Enlighten (2015-12-10). Emotions & Essential Oils, 4th Edition: A Modern Resource for Healing 


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