Sessions for Children


Children. The moment they are here we love them beyond any love we’ve known and that very love is the thing that causes us to worry what’s going on with them when all of a sudden one day they become completely different to the angel we birthed or had arrive safely in your arms.

I can help.


I love working with children because unlike adults, they don’t hold stuff as long as we do and their levels of allowance are also unencumbered with fear, so they respond well.


Areas I can help:

  • behaviour issues
  • stress, anxiety, panic attacks
  • coping with bullying
  • sleep issues, nightmares
  • rashes
  • asthma, recurring chest or throat issues
  • bedwetting
  • shock after an accident (can present in being very clingy – fear of dying)
  • during medical treatment regimes for chronic illness and cancer
  • if the child is on their end journey due to illness and pain management is an issue.
  • broken bones
  • you are at your wits end and you have tried everything else, then I’m your perfect next option.

Sessions are currently at a 48 hour turn around, and there is an emergency booking option if you need me to drop everything to help your child.

Session Choices