Breast Cancer Support

I’VE JUST BEEN DIAGNOSED: How can you help me?

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You have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Right now I will bet your mind is racing and you have no idea what to do.

First and foremost, I can help you get through the emotions that come with the diagnosis, to help you remain calm, to take away the overwhelm so you can stay present when talking with your doctors and your family and make the choices that are best for you.

If your diagnosis involves surgery, then the Reiki will also support your outcomes with surgery and your physical recovery.

This process is going to be ongoing during your treatment regime or if you decide to take the natural route support with both options can be scheduled in dependent upon your emotional state and also the chronology of life events that will have contributed to your diagnosis.


I AM POST SURGERY: How can you help me?

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It is never too late to start the emotional element of your cancer treatment. It is my belief that life events which are emotionally, physically and spiritually traumatic lead to breast cancer developing in women, especially with the greater occurrence of breast cancer in younger women.

I have a questionnaire that will help us piece together your life to help me understand the puzzle that has presented itself in your life. These life events can be hard to speak of; in fact you may never have spoken to another soul about them. I can assure you that the aim of the game is to get you free of the emotions of it, and to get you well, so that you can live through this experience and go onto a
fulfilled life. There is no life event or trauma that you have suffered severe enough not to speak of when it comes to your recovery. I can assure you of the utmost compassion, understanding, confidentiality and no judgement.


I AM TERMINAL: How can you help me?

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Being advised that there is no further treatment options available can be harrowing, both for you and your loved ones. To ensure that you are able to live out the rest of your life without the pain and trauma of loss, Reiki can be a calming and soothing modality to help you stay focused and maintaining your health and any possible pain.

It is incredibly important that we do the work mentioned above with post surgery, to delve into those incidents and events that may be present in your story, to release them and the emotions associated so that the disease does not rob you of a quality of life while you are here. It is my belief that your transition unencumbered is the kindest thing you can do for yourself, and you never know, you may be able to stall the inevitable by releasing the demons that have occurred in your life.



Please accept my deepest sympathy for your diagnosis and this journey you find yourself on. It is a scourge in society for women, and those few men too. I have very deep convictions about solving the jigsaw puzzle that has you sitting here reading this webpage, and should you decide that you want to stay, or fight for all you are worth, then I would be honoured to support you in that fight.

Since 2012 I have had the privilege of working with women with various kinds of diagnosis and various treatment options. Again, there is no judgement with the medical route or the natural route. The name of the game is to rid your body of the cancer and have you around for decades to come. The common denominator has been that these women were not defeated. Devastated, but not defeated.

It is my belief that there is an intrinsic link to life events and choices that through centuries of belief systems and genetic memory in some cases, the one part of a woman’s body around nurturing and her role as a nurture is why the presence of breast cancer is so prolific. It is also important to understand that cancers in one breast or both also mean different life circumstances attached to the nurturer. It is these events and situations and the resulting emotions, which are often from years before are addressed through the Reiki and discussion to help free you once and for all.

I have developed a survey if you would like to complete it to help me build data around my theory about life events. It is completely anonymous in order that you may answer honestly without fear:
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Thank you for getting to this point. I do wish you every success in your treatment plan and recovery, and if recovery isn’t possible that your time with your loved ones is gentle and complete.