Breast Cancer Theory

Over the last 18 months I’ve started working with people with cancer and mostly women with breast cancer. I have had a theory for the longest time that life events in a woman’s life contribute to the development of the disease in their bodies.

Please know that this is not about medical treatment versus natural therapies, it’s about enhancing the great roads cancer treatment has made by increasing survival outcomes and then also adding to the elements to work with for those going the natural route.

It is my belief, as with many leading voices around the world that emotional blockages create illness and disease and to take it a step further, emotional blockages come about from life events.

I have developed a confidential survey, and I dearly would love 10,000 responses within the next three months. There is a list of some life events and other questions to help me build a case to go to corporations to ask for assistance in funding to help compile real data that can be added to medical journals in the next twenty years.

This exercise is all about helping Cancer survival rates increase and perhaps in a perfect world, having those support personnel suggesting emotional therapies such as Reiki, EFT, NET, Bioresonance within a certain time after one or more of these life events occur.

If you are on this page and able to complete the survey because of your life with Cancer, firstly thank you for being here, every survey answered is going to help me to help the medical community achieve amazing outcomes for women, and for those women who decide to go the natural route, to make sure they do the emotional work as well as the nutrition and mindset work.

Please accept my apology in advance for any emotional difficulties that may arise when you see the survey options with life events. I have come to learn also that many of these things have never been spoken of, so when you click the button it may very well be that it’s the first time you have ‘said it out aloud’. I hope that that in itself gives you some emotional relief that you have had a platform to say something without judgement. I want to thank you for pushing through any fears that you may have when participating in the survey and I guarantee with everything that I am that you identity will never be divulged to a soul.

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  1. Alyson Baker

    Having difficulty submitting the survey as I have not experienced loss, miscarriage or abuse. I have had breast cancer.

    • Hi Alyson,
      Thank you for your comment – if you would like to send me your details through the contact page, I’m wondering if there’s a family history somewhere there. Are you able to use the other tabs to list anything else that you may have had in life events or your mother’s / grandmother’s?

    • Alyson, I updated the survey to include none of the above.

  2. Edel Taylor

    I am not completely the survey as there is no history of emotional loss or abuse in my family.
    I am BRCA 1 positive.
    My mother had breast cancer when I was 2 but recovered following a radical mastectomy and extensive treatment. Unfortunately she got sick again in 1990 and after 18 months of investigations she was found to have Primary Peritoneal cancer and she passed away in 1991.
    There was no emotional blockages there just a fault gene mutation!!
    3 of her sisters also died of breast or ovarian cancers all at a young age.
    They were all robust women emotionally – the most grounded women emotionally you could get!
    Auntie Marg developed bilateral breast cancer that had spread to her liver and passed away aged 46, Auntie Barb developed Breast cancer that had spread to her lungs and brain and Auntie Mary developed Stage 3 ovarian cancer that had spread.
    All were BRCA 1 as well.
    6 of my 1st cousins have developed breast cancers at a young age as well- 2 of these cousins died leaving young children.
    NONE had emotional problems- all had a gene mutation!!
    My cousin Marianne developed aggressive breast cancer aged 32 which had already spread by the time it had been discovered and she passed away aged 38 leaving 3 young children.
    My cousin Jessica was found to have bilateral breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes, lung and bones and stage 3 ovarian cancer that had spread to bowel all at once at 44 and she passed away last October leaving her 5 year son Lachlann an orphan!
    The other 4 cousins are survivors and coping well.
    As I mentioned above I am BRCA 1 and I have NO emotional problems either nor any blockages despite the family history of cancer.
    I have had lifelong problems with breast lumps and I was reported on my first mammogram at aged 25 that I had “dense breast predisposed to breast cancer”!!!
    I have also had lifelong gynaecological problems – ovarian cysts and uterine polyps.
    I had a hysteroscopy done in 2009 which found precancerous uterine polyps- emotional problems didn’t cause that- my gene mutation probably had a lot to do with it though.
    I under went a total hysterectomy and removal of the ovaries in July 2010 just in time to prevent a cancer there.
    In 2011 breast scans showed further changes and my breast surgeon told me she couldn’t rule out that it wasn’t cancer but it would only be “early breast cancer”!!
    I underwent a propylactic bilateral mastectomy in November 2011 again just int time to prevent a breast cancer developing.
    I am still under constant surveillance due to family history of the primary peritoneal cancer.
    No emotional issues here at all.
    I have inherited a BRCA 1 gene mutation which is the tumour suppressing gene.
    If there is a mutation the body is unable to prevent the growth of a tumour and therefore cancer develops.

    • Wow Edel, thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Exactly what you are speaking about is part of my research to do the family tree back to where it all started to see if there are any life events way back when that started the gene mutation. Your family’s story is tragic and I wish you every success with your journey and a long healthy life. Thank you for taking the time to spell it out. I really do appreciate it.

  3. Michelle

    I don’t fit in your categories about children. I am single but always wanted children. Your other category has no tick box. Yet again, no place for a single woman with no children.

  4. Merylee

    Could not complete survey for a few reasons.
    Good luck with your survey but in short I got cancer at 27, no family history. No reason for why I got cancer twice before I turned 30.
    Would love u to contact me further.

  5. Jan

    I am a survivor of breast Cancer now going into my 8th year. I would like to add to the theory why I believe I was struck with breast cancer… I was told at a very young age about 12 that my mothers mother had breast cancer and that it would miss her only to get us kids (3 girls), so far I have been the only one in the family to get it. My grandmother died of it over 52 yrs ago… my believe is that yes I was sexually assaulted as a young girl and was told to sweep it under the carpet not allowed to deal with the emotion at that time. I have since experienced and been re born several times from my own journey and now have a greater awareness of why i took on board that stuff as a child and harbored it inside the mind. Co-incidentally, my mother’s words were at the time I was just about 12 month anniversary, she said; “I should have got cancer it should have been me and not you”… and in 13 months and 11 days after my diagnosis my mother was diagnosed. My belief is that unconsciously we take on those thoughts as truth not knowing at some point in time we will get it. Along with the synthetic aspect of food we are now eating and the acidity of our bodies now Cancer only lives in an acid body not an alkaline body… Happy to share more if you need… good luck with your research I have not done the survey hence thought it best to share here as I was well past the 5 yrs statistical time lines of a survivor

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