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What is an Emotional Strength Training Session?

Let’s talk about life events leaving a traumatic memory. Traumatic being different for different people.

As the event happens it creates a little ball of energy. If it happens when you are little and you have no point of reference, how the grown ups featured in it, how people dealt with it, how they let you deal with it dictates how big that ball of energy is and where it gets planted in your body’s energy system.  As life goes on and different things happen, and maybe other traumas happen, that ball of energy either grows or has other balls attach to it and it goes on to show up as overwhelm, stress, depression, sabotage, self esteem issues, and in the most extreme cases illness.

It’s a good time for me to stipulate again right now that “trauma” means different things for different people. There is no judgement about what you feel is traumatic in your life. If you were traumatised, then it’s a traumatic event. When I see your energy, even if you have tried to tell yourself over your life that it wasn’t that bad, I can see how traumatic it was for you at the time.

You are energy. You are made up of cells that hold information.

What happens when you have a trauma in your life, is that it creates a chemical reaction in your body.

You know those stories of a woman seeing her child hit by a car and having the power to life the car off the child from the Adrenalin hit she receives? This is the most rudimentary example of what I can give you to explain how the body responds to something shocking.

So, as we grow older and life starts happening, “small” things might happen and I don’t know about you, but when I was a child, we weren’t allowed to express our emotions, and learned very early to tuck things away. This is when the patterns start to build.

All of a sudden, you are an adult and stress, repeated patterns, feeling stuck, old stories playing over and over in your head, sabotage behaviour shows up and the end result, illness. All the while you CANNOT put your finger on what it is that has you riveted to the one spot wanting to stab yourself in the left eye with a fork. Sometimes as life events happen, they start to pile up and over time you find your emotional strength diminish as overwhelm shows up and continues to grow.

That’s where I come in.

I have been you.

I was introduced to this kind of energy work in 2006 and at my very first session, the emotional freedom that I was provided by my practitioner releasing all of these things that I hadn’t uttered to a soul, ever. It was like I had been set free of this unknown burden for the first time in decades. Once it was brought up to my awareness though, I knew exactly why I felt the way I had. My capacity to cope with everything increased ten fold, my exhaustion levels dropped, it was like I was finally able to sleep soundly.

These sessions remove the emotional blocks that are no longer serving you. These can be huge AHA’s, through to significant life events where you have not dealt with the emotions associated and they have settled in your body somewhere.

How long has it been since you felt free? How long has it been since you felt empowered?

Are you suffering from an illness, or recurring issues that keep showing up every time your stress levels increase?

Delivering this unique therapy since 2009,  I will provide you with a voice recording of what I can see in your energy system, how it’s been removed and any other important information to help you heal all the emotional blockages that show up. This technique removes the emotional blocks that no longer serve you today. 

We are the proverbial onion.

To book a session with me, click the down arrow to have a look at your options. If this is your first time, I recommend at a minimum the Level 2 session, Level 3 if you have long standing issues that you need time to talk to me about.  The debrief session is ideally there to help you understand “what just happened”.

SESSION OPTIONS – scroll to see session descriptions

Emotional Strength Recording only – AU$187.50

This is the session you book if you don’t think you need to or want to talk about the findings. It’s also the session clients book when they are on the maintenance program to keep their energy high.  This is a recording only session where you will receive a private SoundCloud recording that you can listen to as many times as you like as your energy starts to right itself.

Emotional Strength Session with a 30 minute debrief – AU$275

This is the ideal session you book if you are a first timer. The 30 minute debrief is an important part of starting out with EST work so that you can understand how the session works and what the information in your voice recording means and is saying. It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about the information. This session you receive a private SoundCloud recording and then we have a Skype or phone chat for 30 minutes afterwards.

Emotional Strength Session with a 60 minute debrief and planning session – AU$350

This is my favourite session because we build a plan for you going forward that is easy for you to achieve. This session is also ideal for you if you have had a recent emotional trauma occur or you have been triggered with a memory from a long time ago and you want to be free of it. This session involves me doing your private SoundCloud recording and once you listen to it, then we do a 60 minute debrief and planning session. A very powerful after session as we spend the first 30 minutes giving you the space to speak and get out what’s been going on and being heard and the second 30 minutes is about working on a plan that you can stick to.

This session is also ideal for specific topic issues you have that you can’t see a plan for yourself, no matter how hard you’ve been trying.

Emotional Strength 12 Week Mentoring Program – AU$3900

Often the biggest areas of our life that we need to shift take three months to do the work. The analogy of the onion layers is true, and as you start the work, the layers start to peel off and you’ll find a half layer that you didn’t realise was there. This program keeps the energy high so that you can’t sabotage or back track or fall off the wagon. It’s a weekly session with a one hour debrief. Buying this program saves you AU$600 on purchasing the Level 3 consult weekly and you receive priority booking with your session locked in each week so you can plan your life around it. This is suitable for business and life.

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