What if I told you that you could spend sometime on yourself for the first time in forever and you could go home and have your family appreciate you more than they ever have?

What if I told you that you would be provided safe sanctuary to tell your deepest darkest secrets that have you held hostage to pain, shame and humiliation and you won’t burst into flames of disgrace, but rather be held in a protective loving embrace from your new sistars?

What if I told you that you won’t have to lift a finger to cook or clean or wash anything, that you will have two handsome men taking your orders and loving the fact they get to provide you with a safe space to heal and have a break away from life for a while?

What if I told you that you will discover what’s possible in love and support so much, that you’ll never go back to doubting what you are allowed to be, do and have and you will implement your new found normal within a week of coming home?

All of this and so much more is what happened at each of the CARMY retreats to date. May 2017 saw our annual retreat head to Fiji. The country and sanctuary that is ideal to heal and support the feminine. A country that can only be described as warm, loving and home to the soul looking to refill your cup. Our CARMY Retreat will be on the Coral Coast in Fiji until I run out of women to support.

The energy of this private villa has to be experienced to give you the true essence of what is possible here. Fear of judgement gets left in your port of departure. Stuck stories disappear as you travel across the ocean. It all begins the moment we meet at the airport.

The CARMY Retreat is specifically designed to get you to slow down. Fiji Time is a real, natural phenomenon and just what the doctor ordered. We will have time to gaze at the ocean, solidify new friendships, learn about local culture and cuisine, have our host Jerry tell us to “Shut Up” and give us cooking lessons. Most of all, you will have more than enough time to heal your emotional demons once and for all. Truly, they will be left in the blue bubble that is the coral atoll at our back door and they will be healed and transformed into the most exquisite brain corals you’ll ever see. I’ll show you when we get there.

Everything you need to heal  will be brought to the surface, and with Amanda’s unique energy environment, it will be swept into the Pacific to be healed across all time and space.



Limited numbers means that everyone gets heard, everyone gets supported and the tiniest details get healed.

 It’s a very unique retreat with wondrous results.



Workshop Content for CARMY Retreat 2018

This is an intimate gathering of a maximum of 8 people so that everyone is able to have
individual time to work through their intentions and issues.

Sunday 20 May

Travel to Nadi Airport Fiji EX-Brisbane**
Transfer to accommodation
Check in and change into your sarong
Welcome cocktail and dinner

Monday 21 May

Recalibrate Day because Day 1 is an epic travel day
Get to know each other day

Tuesday 22 May

Walk along the beach Breakfast
Morning Retreat Session 9 – 12
Lunch and swim or rest
Afternoon Retreat Session 2 – 5

Wednesday 23 May

Free day to relax, book excursions,
massage treatments, fishing trips,
Helicopter flights, horse riding

Thursday 24 May

Morning Retreat Session 9 – 12
Lunch and rest
Afternoon Retreat Session 2 til late

Friday 25 May

Team Building Day
Massage Days
Individual Sessions
Lunch and rest

Saturday 26 May

Breakfast, Lunch
Relax Day, Snorkeling,
Reading, Final Journalling,
Farewell Lovo Feast, Fijian Dancing Show,
Fire Ceremony to burn all that you are leaving in Fiji

Sunday 27 May

Travel Day and Head Home

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Please read the terms and conditions of participating in the CARMY Retreat in Fiji. Click HERE




Testimonials are coming – we’ve only been back a couple of weeks <3




What 2016 participants said about the CARMY Retreat

Carmy Retreat 2016

“I cannot recommend the CARMY retreat highly enough. The amount of valuable information, knowledge, strength and confidence I got from the retreat was truly amazing. The value for money was incredible.”

Jill Stanaway : New Zealand


What will the CARMY Retreat offer you?

From personal experience I can tell you that you will get to know some

wonderful women in a gorgeous setting. You will have the opportunity to work

one-on-one with the amazing Amanda Foy.

You will come back rejuvenated and with a new perspective on your life.

It’s not just a holiday though. It’s an opportunity to really look at those beliefs and

years that are holding you back. And decide what you want to do about them.

If you are brave enough, a retreat with Amanda could change your life.

I am so glad that I decided that I was worth the investment.

I’m still reaping the benefits today.”

Michelle Anderson : Sydney