Everyone comes with a life story.

You come with a life story.

Perhaps you’re reading this because your life story is doing your head in and you’ve had enough. Perhaps you’ve been living with a chronic illness for a long time and you’ve had enough. Perhaps you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer and your overwhelm has landed or even better, your clarity of purpose and you know you need a team to help you get through to your next phase.

Perhaps you have tried everything else, and to date nothing has worked.

I am your safe place to land when you need to get every aspect of your life story out on the table through ugly tears that may or may not involve copious quantities of snot. Most of all I assure you, the tears and snot will stop, we just have to acknowledge why the pain is there in the first place. This is not about getting to the positive as quickly as possible. It’s wading through the mank safely.

This is the place where judgement has left the building, and healing your story and all those stories you have been told, through millennia get shown for what they really are. A story. Never your reality.

Why am I the person to help you?

I am a master communicator. A corporate refugee. A traveller. A people person. A woman. A wife. A mother. A daughter. A sister. A cousin. A best friend. A speaker. A colleague. A reformed chronic people pleaser. An energy worker. A whole bunch of things that throughout my 40+ years has brought me to where I am today, so solid in my ability to help you shift even the toughest of stories, to facilitate seeing the sparkle in your eyes return and the smile in your heart match the smile on your face.

I developed my own natural therapy that I have labelled Emotional Strength Training Therapy™ or EST Therapy™ for short. It is a combination of a few foundation energy therapies with the major one being Reiki of which I was trained and attuned in January 2009. I can see the energy that is stuck in your system. It doesn’t hurt me, and it definitely won’t hurt you. The best thing is that you do not have to stop what you are doing for me to do my thing.

More importantly, if you need a bit of science to take away any potential threat of woo-woo, I work with your emotional immunity system, because you see, if there’s a prolonged period of time where your body chemistry is sitting in a place of stress or with dis-ease, that opens the chemical pathways to allow other body chemicals to start the process of compromised immunity, suppressing the body’s natural ability to fight illness.

I help people all over the world with one on one sessions as well as partnering with main stream businesses who have recognised when clients sabotage or have soul issues kick in that have them quit their programs. I’ve even worked with one of the leading authors from The Secret and you’ll see his testimonial on my Kudos page.

So, how bout it? Are you ready to do some work?

I hope so, I’d love the opportunity to help you find and keep your core happiness because once that’s in place, even the toughest of life challenges won’t have you on your knees for the rest of your life.

Watch this short video where I explain what I do and then if you would like to work with me, check under the video for my contact details.



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